Submission Guidelines
Four Foxes

Thank you for your interest in Four Foxes, the brand new, print only, independent literary magazine starting up in Central Maine. We are so excited to begin the process of getting our first issue together! Below you will find guidelines for submitting work.

We are currently seeking short stories, poetry, essays, local reviews, local political pieces, photographs, and art.  The Four Foxes represent Truth, Beauty, Light, and Dark. We really dig work that is honest and communicates the struggle, loss, love, rebellion, and triumph of life in Central Maine. The subject matter is often less important to us than what you do with it.  We like edgy.  This magazine is by and for the folks of Maine, we are not affiliated with any University, Corporation, or other entity.

All written submissions

Written work should be titled, double spaced, with pages numbered.  Each piece should have a cover letter with your full name, town of residence, email address, phone number, and a brief bio. Each submission should include a self addressed stamped envelope for response. Your work will not be returned to you – please do not send us your only copy.  We do accept multiple submissions, but ask that you contact us immediately should the work be published elsewhere.
If your piece is chosen for publication Four Foxes will assume FNASR. After we publish it one time all copyright to that material reverts back to you, the author. Contributors will also receive a complimentary copy of the edition in which their work appears.

Please submit by mail to:

Four Foxes
P.O. Box 373
Hallowell ME 04347

Please submit digital copies by email to:


Art, Illustrations, & Photography

Please send digital files of your work to,

Include your name, town of residence, a brief bio, email address and phone number.
Do not mail any materials at this time. If your work is of interest, we will contact you.

If the title Four Foxes inspires you in any way, run with that. (hint hint, especially if submitting for our first issue)