“Like so many others in this century I found myself a displaced person shortly after birth and have been looking half my life for a place to take my stand. Now that I have found it, I must defend it.”

-Edward Abbey

I wanted to be a writer once. Novels. Short stories. Something.  So I wrote a lot, and I read a lot of books, and I submitted short stories to a lot of literary magazines. I started doing this in earnest after Stephen Kind told me to, in On Writing, one of his finest books. I had a dog eared Writer’s Market, and I checked out sites on the internet, and mailed in a lot of stuff. Then I started to read the literary journals I was submitting to. I sensed that I was missing something. And it was then that I realized that not all writers come from MFA programs, and thank God, as these journals were pretentious, and made for terrible reading. And I learned what Academia meant. And I walked away from the whole scene a bit bored and jaded. I should make my own literary magazine, I grumbled… And so it began.

Well, the role of art is transcendence.

-Chris Hedges

I started writing blogs and hubs. And it was satisfying.  With the click of a button people could read my work. But despite some ineffectual attempts to make money off my writing I realized it wasn’t to be so.  Not the way I was doing it. And I read a great book by Chris Hedges, Death of the Liberal Class, in which he discusses (among other things) the serious problem of creative ownership in writing, journalism, and the visual arts because of a) the internet, and b) corporate monopolies.  They use art as bait!  Often times people are working for pennies, while large sites rake in collective earnings off of thousands of people’s hard work.  It seemed a mirror image of the work I was doing for corporations while being paid minimum wage.  This was enlightening, and I saw evidence of it in my own tepid dip in the creative internet pool.  Capitalists do not value art, or people. It’s outrageous. But it’s created by a broken system. What more could you expect.  There needed to be another way.

I don’t know a lot of people. I am an introverted soul who can usually be found outside with my dog in the middle of the day, if I am to be found at all. But of the people I do know, there are so many outstanding artists and writers.  And I want to celebrate that, I think that is incredibly important. And when I travel around central Maine, my favorite place in the world (!!) I find so many exciting pockets of coolness, sitting off the beaten path.  I want to create a forum for amazing work.  A real magazine that anyone could realistically submit to, get published in, read with interest, and look forward to.  Whether you’re 10 or 100, wealthy or poor, regardless of where you sleep at night, or what you do, or who you know, this magazine is for you.

 The Name

The four foxes represent Truth, Beauty, Light and Dark.  They appeared to me this winter, in a sense, and were totems, leading me into some pretty intense inner worlds, and through to a slow, but beautiful, Spring.

I know that if people throw in on this magazine it will be awesome. I know it for a fact. I’ve already seen it in my mind’s eye, clear as day. And it is a publication that is exciting, unexpected, moving, and built completely by and for the people I live with. Here. In Maine.

I have spent a lchildress maineot of time searching.  Trying to find meaning in life.  Over time I found that the things that mattered to me, the things that I truly valued, were right in front of me, sitting neglected in the corner, while I chased ghosts and illusions.  When I turned my time, energy, and attention towards what mattered to me, and away from what other people valued, life became simpler, richer, and better. It is in this spirit that I am starting this magazine.  Please join me!



  • We are rolling out an open call for submissions now through March 1st 2015.
  • This summer we will be traveling around distributing flyers and talking to people about the magazine.  If you’re interested in meeting with us or having flyers at your business/organization please contact me, editor@fourfoxesmagazine.org.
  • The website is up and running thanks to Dan Audet and our IT team 😉  We’ve been getting great feedback.
  • Submissions are coming in!
  • We are still plugging away on our 1023 form.

Thank you for your interest in Four Foxes.  Please submit often, share this site, and be well!

Eryne Thibeau
Founder & Editor


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