Hello!  Greetings!  Welcome!  My name is Eryne.  What you’re looking at here is Four Foxes’ website, and specifically the first blog post for the Four Foxes’ website.  You’re in on the ground floor.


Four Foxes is a non-profit literary magazine based in Hallowell, Maine, that celebrates and promotes the writing and visual art of the people of Central Maine.  We do this through publication of said work in a print only magazine (this website is not a digital magazine, the magazine is paper only, and hasn’t been printed yet!).  This magazine is going to be pretty damn exciting.  And you are going to want to be a part of it.  A great way of doing that would be to check out this site.  It has Submission guidelines, information about who we are and what we’re doing in the community, and in the very near future you’ll be able to subscribe to our magazine and make donations to help cover our printing costs.  So please take a moment to look around, subscribe to our blog for email notification of new posts, and like and follow us on Facebook.  This way you can track the fox.

Nuts & Bolts

What have we been up to these past months?

We created a facebook page, and a website with an interactive blog (you’re looking at it).

We established submission guidelines and an editorial mission statement.

We formed a board.

We are currently filing for 501(c)(3) status.  This would allow our nonprofit magazine to function as an IRS approved non-profit organization.  This is important for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, we want to protect the artists we hope to publish.  One of the unfortunate results of the World Wide Web, and corporate monopolies, is that artists and writers are not valued, and their work is exploited to make money for other people.  This is not what we are about, not at all.  No one working for/with this magazine, or any one person affiliated with this magazine, will be making money off of the blood, sweat, and tears of the people contributing their work to Four Foxes.  This publication is about promoting and celebrating, not capitalizing.  We also will be needing funding to cover things like printing costs, website maintenance, events, etc.  We will be selling ad space, magazine subscriptions, and seeking donations.  As a non-profit we can do this with government sanctioned ease, and we can pass that ease on to those donating, as they will be able to write off their donations as charitable.  We can also seek grants and alternative funding avenues like Indiegogo and other crowd funding platforms as a nonprofit organization.  It will open a lot of doors to us as a magazine, and it is entirely in the feeling of what we are hoping to do.

We have created informative flyers which we will be distributing to various hotspots around Central Maine.  Have an idea about that or want to help?  See our Community page.

We are receiving images and written work everyday!  This is very exciting!!

What We Need

We need short stories, poetry, essays, reviews, memoir excerpts, comics, drawings, paintings, photographs, and images of pottery/sculpture.  See submissions.

We need guest bloggers, and people willing to pass out flyers, talk with creative folk in your community and tell them about us, and we need art to feature on our website and blog.  Contact me for more information or if interested : editor@fourfoxesmagazine.org.

Money.  We are currently talking with a few local printing companies in Maine to get an idea of how much money we will need to cover our printing costs.  And of course we are also filing for non-profit status.  Once we have a handle on both of those arenas we are going to launch a crowd funding campaign.  There will be a button on this site that will link you to that campaign so that you can donate money easily right on the magical internet.  This fall we will begin selling subscriptions to Four Foxes right here on this website.  This fall we will also begin selling adspace to small businesses in Maine that are complementary to our mission and supportive of Maine arts.

Energy!  Are you excited about this project?  Do you want to help, share your work?  Are you really looking forward to reading this magazine when it comes to print?  Please let us know by following this blog, liking and following our facebook page, messaging me at editor@fourfoxesmagazine.org, and telling your friends about this magazine and this website.  We are really excited, and the only thing more exciting than that is how excited we get to hear that other people are excited!  You get the idea 😉


Thank you so much for joining me here on this site!

Be well,

Eryne Thibeau, Founder and Editor

Coming Attractions

The next blog post will be about why I decided to start this project and what it means to me personally, and where the name Four Foxes came from.

The following blog post will be about Railroad Square Cinema’s brand new lobby!  We <3 Railroad Square Cinema and independent movie houses.





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